Juha Pisto

b. 1966 in Paltamo, Finland,

graduated as a teacher for brass instruments from the Oulu Conservatoire in 1990 with tuba as the mayor subject. His main instrument is the tuba and he achieved a postgraduate diploma at the same school a year later with excellent grades. In addition to playing the tuba he taught music theory, orchestration, orchestral conducting and chamber music. He also conducted orchestras at among others the Oulu Conservatoire, the Conservatory of Central Ostrobothnia, at the Music Institute of Kainuu and the Music Institute of the Ylivieska Region. He also worked as a teacher and conductor in numerous summer camps. For several years Juha Pisto acted as the co-ordinator for the band of the Evangelical Lutheran parishes of Oulu and as principal of the music school. Additionally he was the principal tubist in the renowned Pohja Military Band.

Pisto studied composition under Vesa Valkama at the Oulu Conservatoire. At the Conservatoire Ari Angervo was the teacher for orchestral conducting and during a continuing training at the Sibelius Academy the teacher was Atso Almila. His instrument studies Pisto completed in among others the master courses at the Lieksa Brass Week.

Compositions comprise as well orchestra and chamber as vocal music. In 2007 Pisto won the K.H. Pentti competition for composition with his composition Leu’dd for symphonic wind orchestra. He has composed for Finnish professional orchestras, for example the Guards Band of Finland, Pohja Military Band and the Kemi City Orchestra. Additionally his works were commissioned by among others the International Lieksa Brass Week, the Ruskatrööttä event for wind instruments and several individual artists.

In 2008 Juha Pisto was chosen the Finnish Military Player of the Year. He was awarded a scholarship for one year by the Arts Council of Oulu Province in 2011, half a year by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland in 2012 and one year by the Finnish Cultural Foundation in 2014.

In addition to Finland his music has been performed in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Austria und Switzerland.